Want blog posts to look irresistible with? Then don’t do this!

Roxana Gramada

There will be no naming of names, but the message had dropped like a bomb. They wanted blog posts. I was going to give it to them. That worked. The topic was out(ish) of my zone, but I would have checked the golden exploration box. After Neil Gaiman said J.R.R Tolkien came up with The Lord of the Rings by digging deep into linguistincs and not fantasy, I was sold and ready, sharpened pencils at my side.

“So who do I interview?” I had asked naively. Which is when they hit back. “Oh, we want you to write without an interview.” Cybersilence. The awkward Jamie Ferguson moment. Then I hit reply.

“I can write pertinent, lively stuff. But not from imagination. Only from your trenches.” Not that it’s a war, they’re more like ditches to build your business foundation in. But those ditches are sacred ground. It’s where reality occurs. And words that move your business forward can only come from your reality and that of your clients.

I love writing in other people’s voice. In fact, one of my oldest friends calls me Alien (in a cute, cuddly way, I guess). I will enter your space, catch up invisible vibes all around you and lay them nicely on the page. Also, I will get your thoughts nicely trimmed and ready for a smashing night on the town. But only if you give them to me. And since words are my hammer and sickle (this is my Commie childhood kicking in), we need to talk. Actually, you need to talk. I listen and launch a question now and then (it won’t take long, think 30 min to an hour for a good batch).

Want some takeaway? Blog about you, your business and your clients. Especially about your clients. But not from wikipedia. From your reality, trials, errors and joys. That’s what’s actually irresisitible about you.

So if you need some really magic glue posts for your clients to read and want you in their lives, send me a line. I’ll be ready. But only if you talk to me. If you’re not into talking, don’t! I’m probably not your girl.

PS Oh, you know what? Just tell me what your struggle with blog posts is. I’ll PM you my thoughts to fix it. Yes, I love the trenches.

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Thank you for reading this.

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