Are we a match?

Let’s see. Here’s what we’re about…

Becoming Words

We get to word out your brilliance.
We put our A-game on to power up yours.
And wish anyone would be as lucky.


We help thought leaders and innovators…

The understated rock stars out there, expanding the frontiers of their industry. 

You know you’re on to something, but haven’t quite cracked it yet. And it just might be a game-changer.



…with positioning, messaging, and copy.

What is your work about?

And what does it do for the world out there? 

You need to articulate the footprint your mission creates into customers’ lives. Because you can’t change the world if you can’t make a sale.


The change we’re out to make…

… is for you to know who you are, what you stand for and where you fit into this world. What your key messages are.

 From that place, you develop your body of work and spread your brilliance through offerings that connect and convert. You communicate your purpose and sell.

 You also know what to give energy to and what is a waste of your mission time.



We know we are successful when…

You’re crisp and clear about your mission and your product’s mission.

 As a result of working with us, you upgrade your communication and messaging, expand your audience, and increase sales with your website, emails, and signature content.



Becoming Words’ Tenets


Conceptual midwives

We give birth to new markets for our customers’ products. For that, copy follows utility.

Nothing flies unless it delivers value to your client. Copy cannot create mass desire. It can only channel and direct it. You have to have it first. Or no play.

The field of play is sacred ground.

 Call it Voice of Customer. Or “out here” client interaction space. By any name, it’s sacred. It’s where you touch reality. As we enter, we assume nothing and look for the truth.

Continuous innovation

There are no formulas. But there are principles.

Eugene Schwartz said it best: “the correct solution, the right headline, the perfect ad lies buried in the problem itself. It has never been written before. It cannot be produced by rote, carbon copying, or mutations. But it can be sprung to the surface – automatically – by asking the right questions.”

WOW execution

Our work together shows who you are as a creative force and how you bring new value into the world.

The result is eye-opening and iconic, the stuff you will go back to over and over to ground yourself, decide, and recharge.

We will not serve you if your line of work is weapons, drugs, or mother milk substitutes.

Hi, I am Roxana Gramada, the founder of Becoming Words.

For 15+ years, I’ve been wording out the DNA of my clients’ products, services, or personas, making them shine and get sales.

After doing it as a 9-to-when-we’re-done for a film studio, a media conglomerate, and UNICEF, I decided to start my own shop. (I still write for UNICEF and love every second of it.)

Clients call me the Un-tangler. Alien. Essence Extractor.

Because I enter the world of your brand or idea, interpret what’s inside and bring out what you need.

I know the restlessness of my insides before an attack.

And I know the silence of awe.

Find me when you’re ready.

Bottomline? You will rock.

I will see who you are and pin you down in few words.