How to unleash the power of your UVP

with Roxana Gramada

Like a positioning workshop.
Unlike any positioning workshop.

Imagine you say that one sentence and they go:

“We might just need you” or “How do I book you?”


That sentence is your Unique Value Proposition. Or your UVP.

Because passion-driven entrepreneurs need more than passion. They need sales.

And you either have your UVP and sell, or you ramble on.

I’ll show you how to unleash the power of your UVP in under one hour

In 52 minutes of video, you move through the process that takes you to your one business sentence that rules them all. You also  watch real life examples of how to plug it into your comms to get sales flowing in.

Guaranteed to reveal nuggets of gold about who you are for your clients, energize you in your mission, and give you the one-liners to have them at hello.

If you’re pitching right and left, maybe doing free work but you’re not taking off, you need to upgrade your marketing and sales. This just might do it.

Who are you as a business and where do you fit in the world?
This is the one question you can’t afford to ramble on.

This training takes you through the kind of questions that make or break your business as I coach you out of the most common traps. It saves you hours of research and interpretation and holds your hand to the sentence that will boost your sales and put the ground under your feet.

You get 52 minutes of recorded video training and my slides.
Here’s what’s inside:

  • My step-by-step process on how to get to the most precious asset in your marketing-and-sales playbook and how often you need to go about it

  • What essential branding deliverables you need to go to market to generate sales and my method to build your kit (nope, it’s not your logo)

  • some of the most powerful and revealing questions in business, in a sequence and with the kind of examples that can help isolate and extract your business DNA

  • how to tell the difference between your personal why and your business why and avoid customer confusion (aka lost sales)

  • where and how to channel your intense emotions for actual industry edge

  • the exact questions that help you extract sales triggering truth from your ideal customer, not their explanations
  • How to collect customer clues that lead to sales with the prowess of Sherlock Holmes

  • What the connection is between mission, vision, UVP and taglines. Get that clear once and for all.

  • How many words you need to hit that magic UVP/USP vibe and real world examples of those who did (nope, I’m not going to mention Nike or Uber)

  • How to use Blue Ocean Strategy elements in a precise process that will give you a Unique Selling Proposition

  • How and where to test your UVP and make sure it brings home the bacon

  • The 6 essential spots you need to plant your UVP to communicate coherence and unity, stop losing business and start building a lead generation machine (aka constant business stream)

Your business wants you to take it.

Catch a break, have a UVP.

Like these amazing humans.

“Roxana’s training on how to position your business is a must-watch, especially for one-person business owners. She curated the best information on UVPs and delivered a zero-fluff training that spares you hours and hours of research, selection, and interpretation. My favorite takeaway: the very clear distinction between your personal why and your business why that will leave you empowered and energized in your work-life balance.”

Valentina Volchinschi

health copywriter for supplement brands, Can spot a badly-positioned supplement in 2.8 seconds

Wow, wow, wow. The best UVP, USP and positioning workshop I’ve ever done. I’ve read a lot. I’ve done so many exercises, and spent so much time on this stuff, none of them have cut through the noise and been able to pull out of me the stuff that I knew but couldn’t articulate. That’s the job that you usually do when someone works with you, but Roxana is able to do it by asking thought provoking questions in such a way that it was sequential, it was easy and I didn’t have to worry about this big beast called UVP or positioning. All I had to do was put one foot in front of the other and we got there. Incredible.

Skye Khilji

founder and CEO Profit Partnership Group

“As someone who’s fairly new in business, I’d never even thought about my UVP. But once I took Roxana’s masterclass, I was able to quickly come up with something that fully represents what I do, how I do it, and whom I do it for. To me, this has translated into 1) better leads and 2) reduced gobbledygook in my content strategy.”

Emilia Tanase

conversion copywriter and email strategist

Finger snappin’ good. Don’t pitch without it.

Hold a mirror to who you are now as a business

And extract the kind of words that will tell the world how you help them.

Stop the confusion between you as a person and your business

And start talking to your clients, instead of yourself.

Get the essential questions that help you raise prices

If you go minimalist on your research, make sure these questions get asked.

Plug in these pro tactics and shortcuts

I’ll show you how-tos that will fast-track you to precious customer clues and market insights.

Stand out with this Blue Ocean Strategy power shot

Get a crash course on how to come up with a differentiator for your business.

Check off the list of money-making deliverables

Get my absolute essential list and real life examples of how pros max their ROIs with them.

Say words that instantly connect to your prospects

See what to say and what not to say to your ideal client to get their attention and budgets.

Build yourself a pitch that can build your business

Finesse your sales copy with my method and examples and make your mark on the world.

Save hours of research and interpretation

I have curated some of the best trainings in the world in this training. Cut through clutter with this essential video.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a UVP.

Like these amazing humans.

“I took the UVP course at a time in my career when I was at a crossroads, trying to define who I am and where I want to continue, in a way that I would end up with something aligned with my values and an expression of myself, rather than anything ordinary.

The time invested in the course was some of the best investments of my recent years: the method is simple, the questions are big and relevant, you are definitely challenged. And in the end, you end up with something way beyond your imagination: who you are, what you are about, what lights you up, in just a few words. Totally recommend.”

Mihaela Giurca

learning and development specialist, former Registration Fulfilment Manager at Landmark London

“Roxana’s UVP training takes you to all the crucial elements for building your UVP and how and where to use it. I was surprised to see exactly how many uses it has and loved the extra bonus info on how to interview your customers in a low key but impactful way.”

Kaja Kvernbakken

novelist and course creator

Thanks Roxana, the examples were specific and helpful. And your practical guidance gave me plenty of ways to tackle my elusive USP to create a tagline. Here’s my work in progress… This is a lot further than I was just over an hour ago!

Lyn Marler

SEO specialist for content writers

Move fast and get a seat at the bonus sessions

Bonus #1: All your UVP questions, answered - Live 60 minute Q&A session

Get How to unleash the power of your UVP in the first 48 hours – so by May 19, 13:00 EET, and you are invited to attend a live session with moi and ask all your positioning and UVP questions. Date to be announced. If you can’t attend, send the questions in advance and catch the recording.

Bonus #2: Find my UVP - Live 60 minute hot seat session

Be in the first 24 people who get How to unleash the power of your UVP, and you are invited to apply for a live hotseat session. You could be the one I choose to coach live to upgrade your UVP. Date to be announced. Catch the recording if you can’t attend.

This training would likely not exist without the incredible Sandra Booker, online business manager to copywriting stars like Laura Belgray and Tarzan Kay, and creator of Scale Society.

Thank you, Sandra, for ordering the training!!! 

Get your UVP and own your little (or big) piece of the business world

This training holds your hand to your one sentence that can boost sales. Then it shows you the exact 6 spots where you need to plant it to move the needle.

Roxana is Alien. She enters you, interprets what’s inside and brings out what you need.

When I started working with her, I was at ground zero. I built a whole new direction. We moved an elephant together.

Dan Mocanu

Innovation Architect, TEDx Speaker

I see you there, with a question…

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

All sales are final. I do not offer refunds. Also, I do not offer guarantees on conversions or reactions from third parties. But the material you will have access to has been tried, tested and bulletproofed to move you forward towards sales.

How do I know this is actually for me?

This training serves best small to medium businesses of one or startups. I was happy to see that C-suite executives take it and walk out wired for a new future. If you say any of these in your project or business, this training is for you:

“I need a crisp deck that snapshots all we’ve thought about and gives us structure.”

“I write something but nobody understands. I don’t know who I am in my business.”

“I want sales with the shortest possible funnel for a medium sized ticket.”

“I’m going in circles. I need to articulate my idea beyond these tons of files, folders, emails and fireside chats with my friends.”

“My marketing and sales is kind of a let’s-see-what-happens-mission. I need to level up.”

Can I get an invoice?

Absolutely. Once the purchase is complete, we will be in touch and you will receive all the docs that make your accountant happy.