Could I love these 5 life-hacks more?

Roxana Gramada

It starts small. A tiny seed, fragile and unassuming.

Getting something off the ground is no small feat, though. It may end up taking over your days and nights.

Which makes you so lucky, you’ve got something you care about so much, you’re giving it all. You don’t see that when it happens. It’s all deadlines, email sequences and offerings.

And your confidence or lack thereof (because some days are just grey) will spill into everything you do. Or do not do, for that matter. Some days feel like doing not much at all, as my couch will testify.

On days like that I dig deep into my hero skills and cherrypick. You can go at it from all sides or you can deliver one masterful stroke. Let me round some suspects:

1. Declutter

Whatever’s been lying around, not getting much use, not bringing me much joy gets to walk the plank. A raid through the closet and kitchen cabinets will satisfy me some.

(I still can’t believe I parted with my favourite jeans. They were threadbare. Or the really fancy pair that looks good on bony models, but makes me feel like a flat bottomed middle-aged auntie.)

2. Do one thing, beginning to end

It can be quite small. Youtube chain watching does not qualify. Baking cookies does, for all those overachievers out there. Reading a 20 minute piece will work just fine.

I’ve been meaning to read that story in The New Yorker about family rentals in Japan. It echoes my high school idea for a business: rent-a-wife. No, it did not involve any funky business. Yes, it does sound charmingly stupid.

3. Make a list

Because list making is one of the biggest joys in life. I will put down my to dos and meal plan for the week, my must haves in skincare and my latest insights I want to hang on to for a bit. May I suggest a Stuff-that-makes-me-feel-good list?

4. Go to the masters

Whoever they are. Dip your toes into their wisdom. For me, that’s watching an episode of “Comedians in cars, getting coffee.” Yes, I am fascinated with Jerry Seinfeld. Or I’ll flip through some of my how-to-be-an-artist coffee table books. Like the one on Alexander McQueen’s larger than life Savage Beauty show. (Because the creative process makes me go gaga and I’ll rummage museum shops like nothing else.) Star Wars books and comics will also do, if they’re your thing, that is.

5. Shut down the system

Before you do, try life-hack #2 reinvented: live something. Anything! Get out and buy broccoli. Call somebody and chat about the life affirming meaning of boredom. Count hairs on the floor in cow pose for 5 minutes on each side (you put one leg on top of the other, that’s why you get two sides. The pose is great for clearing through emotional knots, by the way.)

Assuming all else fails, head to the holiest of the holies: unplug and go to bed, preferably with a kids mystery book. There’s always tomorrow. But put your legs up the bedhead for 15 minutes first. That alone has a list of benefits longer than my arm.

Your turn.

PS That’s me and my friend getting caught up in life-hack #3.

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