Thought leader DNA package


Copy follows strategy.
Meaning a good copywriter can read your game and power it up with words.

And for things to work, the house needs to be in order from who you are to your clients, to your mini-bio for your next podcast appearance.

We’ll discuss your bespoke package in our first meeting. Shopping list could include:
* unique value proposition * tag line
* your one minute pitch
* long-form and mini-bio
* about page * home page
* a 10 slides deck for your 20 minutes pitch
* one epic blog post or profile feature.

You’re a thought leader. Who you are to your audience is more than what you’ve done. This package will give you the toolbox to spread your brilliance into the world.
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that cracks the #1 question

great products start with.

Because your next great product (and its website) needs more than your great idea.

It needs to answer one almighty question.

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