Want the guidethat can tell you who you are to your clients?

You can't sell unless you do know!

(Best you know asap!)

Here’s what happened when I helped these incredible humans with their UVPs

(and their respective quests to move the world)

Roxana is able to turn any hidden, million+ value undefined idea, from a fuzzy cloud-like animal, into market shaking words.

Bogdan Putinica

Senior Vice President, Software Development Services Business Unit, Enea Software AB

“Roxana has been my “second brain” for a long time. She knows how to carve out the noise, extract my gold nuggets, and mould it into the powerful message I wasn’t able to verbalize before.

Having Roxana in my corner means every dollar I spend on marketing now has a higher ROI because prospects finally get what I do and are excited to work with me. That means I get the choice of who I want to work with for the first time!

Whenever the success of a campaign matters, I don’t leave it to chance. I let Roxana wave her wand over the copy and watch the magic happen.”

Skye Khilji

Scaling Expert, profitpartnerships.com

It wasn’t the first time good ideas were twinkling in my head at midnight. But this time, we went from ideation to implementation in less than 4 months.

What was different?

I shared it with my team, and we were all absorbed in the beautiful journey of a new product. We wanted everything: to be simple, to be memorable, to move people to action.

In B2B consultancy, it’s never about the sexy or the coolest offering. But we made it.

We realized the entire message and the campaign should be about our values and strengths, commonly shared with our partners.

It was a perfect match between my team and Roxana. Always positive, responsive, she guided us to the clarity that each message should bring.

With Becoming Words, our campaign converted at 30%. Half of the results came in within two hours from sending, on a Friday afternoon.”

Alina Georgescu

CEE Sales Director & SEE Director, IDC

Know thyself. And thy USP.

Your Unique Selling Proposition is going to power up your ability to convert prospects into sales and spread your brilliance in the world.

But instead of letting you go to Nowhereville on repeat about it, my guide gives you the key 5 steps for a solid start.

Who are you for your clients?Find out with this guide + get updates about my new training on UVPs

A crisp answer to this one question can 

++ laser focus your messaging,

++ streamline your marketing to-dos, 

++ power up your sales,

... and make more time for the beach/bike/book trio.

My guide will get you on the right track. Go on, read a little!