Why you don’t stand out from the competition

Roxana Gramada

You’re not new at this.

In fact, you might be your clients’ best kept secret weapon.

You’re transacting expertise and trust articulated in a VERY particular way.

Not blunt, not tongue in cheek. Yours is a legit industry. You want your website to stay professional.

But unlike Australia these days, word of your work doesn’t spread like fire.

Here’s why that might be.

In live dialogue.

The transcript, by the way, is 100% real.

CLIENT: In our [FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH INDUSTRY], it’s all about the quality of the staff.

ME: Say more.

CLIENT: We engage as an organisation with a team of people to provide a set of services, we have to be actively engaged with our client.

ME: Is this what your competitors say?

CLIENT: Yes, for the most part I think that’s what they would.

ME: Then it’s not going to be effective, will it?



CLIENT: Everyone is going to say they’re going to be on time. Everyone’s going to say they’re going to be under budget, AND everyone’s going to say they’re going to meet schedule… but rarely does anyone actually do it.

ME: Can we actually say that?


ME: …also, about the solutions part… Everyone delivers solutions. All your competitors do. I deliver solutions as a copywriter. I doubt your clients actually say “I need a solution,” and even if they do, we’re going to have to dive deeper and see what kind of solution.

It’s like saying: do you know the theory of relativity exists? Whereas what we want to say is “did you know time is something only exists on a 100 m radius?”.


Wait, that’s waaay too nerdy.

But you get the point.

It’s like telling someone who needs the best tomato sauce out there for their lasagne that there’s this thing called tomatoes.

They know that. What they’re after is the magic tomato sauce.

Do you have any of that?

I thought I you might.

You’ve had so much of it you no longer see it. Like the fish that doesn’t see the water.

Which is fine. It’s where I come in.

Let’s talk about it. I’ll get the YOU-ness out of you and onto the paper. Or website. I promise.

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Thank you for reading this.

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