What my writing is like

I don’t do girly and I don’t do sweet, but I do emotion, funny and snappy.

And above all, I do crisp and clean.

The way of the bootcamp

The way of the bootcamp

Are you in charge of your work or some shrinking violet? Meaning are you walking into your office with Robert de Niro confidence or are you a lamb asking for permission to breathe? Because if you are (a shrinking violet, a lamb, etc.), it’s alright. We’ve all been...

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Say what you do in one line

Say what you do in one line

I dare you. That’s your UVP. I call it your DNA. Because it replicates again and again and becomes your work. (Turn it on its head for clients, and it becomes a tagline.) It’s the hardest thing. I did a short documentary once, about my aikido friends. Do you know what...

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For all thought leaders hiding out there

For all thought leaders hiding out there

If you feel the mission bursting inside your brains, but coming out like frail thread of pure mountain spring, this is for you. I get you’re busy. I also get you may not see yourself as a blogger or content machine. And still, how do you get that stuff out of you and...

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Could I love these 5 life-hacks more?

Could I love these 5 life-hacks more?

It starts small. A tiny seed, fragile and unassuming. Getting something off the ground is no small feat, though. It may end up taking over your days and nights. Which makes you so lucky, you’ve got something you care about so much, you’re giving it all. You don’t see...

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When I don’t write, I love to read or listen to some of these amazing creators:


The New York Times

Because there’s only one Gray Lady out there. And it defines the playing field.


Because I’m the perfect (audio)book worm. Aren’t you? Read free for 30 days with my link.

Here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin

A smart hangout with brainy creatives. (Plus he’s how I discovered Krista.)

The Tim Ferriss Show

A podcast on excellence and the habits that take you there. And the unsung revolutionary behind my new morning routine.


Crisp videos on filmmaking and culture. Am a Patron. Je like.

On being with Krista Tippett

(Maybe because I also look a bit like Krista. I wish I was her twin.) Her podcast is my weekly soul spa.

The School of Life

The Alpha and Omega.  A cool way to get up to date with Aristoteles without reading 47 volumes.

Caroline Hirons

Because I go gaga over creams, and blush, and lipstick.

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