What has taken you months or years on your own could be done in weeks. Or days.

Let me unpack!

Picture yourself saying it:

“You’ll find everything you need on my website.”

“Yes, it sounds like me.”

“I’m so glad you love email from me.”

Imagine copy that works.

I can write it for you. 

Does your copy genuinely reflect you, your business and your thinking?

Or is it so old it’s not even funny?

(You had no idea what to do and guilt piled up. It’s alright, just breathe.)

Or does it read so not like you, you feel sick to your stomach.

(When people ask, you’d rather not give the website address.)

You could schedule time to do it on your own. You’ll get to it eventually.

Or read on and book what you need.

If you’re unsure, drop me a line and we’ll hop on a quick call.

At the end you’ll know if I’m the one.

Hi, I’m Roxana Gramada, the redhead copywriter who does aikido. That’s the chit chat about me out there. Also, that I am some kind of alien that inhabits you and brings out your voice.

I help thought leaders and innovators pour their thoughts into crisp copy.

I did the corporate life for 15+ years. Name the impossible task, and I would take it on, eager to be good and please.

It worked fine and then it didn’t. My success fantasies slowly changed into exit fantasies.

My MBA, CEO and other Fortune magazine driven wishes changed into simpler lists: better sleep, something (meaningful) to do that comes with dilemmas I can contain, and the right amount of pretty things I can enjoy without cluttering my mental and actual closets.

I’ve always loved copy. I love nailing it.

I would love to write your thoughts. Crisp and punchy.

What do you need?

I can save you time and frustration.

Book One hour when:

You need a few fixes or refreshes on your website.

Your presentation needs a facelift.

You need to throw your idea against somebody else’s mind and see if it flies.

Get the 2-day website boot camp

For your key, website (and beyond) copy: Home, About, Services, Contact.

That, or a Sales page.

Or a general presentation.

Or go bespoke

My mind on lease.

Email funnel? Editorial plan? Ideas or actual blog posts?

One hour

Your website, brochure or digital pitch isn’t where you want it to be. And it’s bugging you with leaking tap fervour.

You could fix some of it, it’s on your to do list for someday. Whenever that is. (In the meantime you’re sipping bitter my-pitching-is-boring cocktails and your kit is gathering dust.)

I’ll deal with a good chunk of that in one hour. I’ll also give you a crisp plan of what to do next.

Think: Diagnosis, hygene, copy ideas, idea sound boarding.

What can you expect in 60 minutes of face time with me? Stop major bleeding and get a clear prescription.

2-day website boot camp

Puts an end to website shame. You’ll have your own internet window, with your services nicely packaged and presentable.

A homepage, an about page, a services page and a contact page. That, or a sales page.

Your friends will land there and go: “yes, it sounds like you.” The name of the game is legit.

Think: key copy blocks about you and your business.

  • Questionnaire with relevant data to be filled and sent one week prior to first session;
  • 2 x 4-hour sessions on back to back days;
  • 1 week of email follow-up as you plant copy into website, and feedback on choice of visuals.

Oh, love!

Roxana did a lot with very little. Sally Barrett-Williams

Energy Barrister and Chairman, The Energy and Utility Forum

The first time I read what she wrote about me, I felt it in my bones. I feel she’s in my skin when she writes for me.

She writes in the words I would chose for myself, if I knew how to pick them. Carmen Simion


Roxana is a good judge of value. She knows how to measure it and comes up with accurate descriptions of it.

Plus she cares as much as you do. Monicka Clio Sakki

Creative Director and Self Expression Coach

Roxana is an asset. Daniel Kozak

Founder, Dakommunication

In case you’re wondering…

What is your refund policy?
I do not offer refunds. If you have paid but have not shown up for our session, I will reschedule within 30 days. You could also transfer it to somebody else who’s in need of some crisp copy.
What if I don't need just the copy, but an actual website?
If you’re looking for something not so complicated, like, say, this website, I can hand you a website on a silver platter. Book the 2-day website boot camp and let me know in the email you would need design as well. I’ll let you know if I can do it and what the nuts and bolts would be.
What if I'm not sure this will work?
If you’d rather do it but are still tentative, I would suggest you book me for an hour. If we’re a good match for the long run and you book a bigger package, I’ll take the first hour rate out of the total.

I would love to hear from you.

Got a question I didn’t tick? Got something to say?

You want to have them at hello. Good.

First, you need to know who you are to them.

The "Who you are to your clients" guide takes you there.

I spare you the search. Actually, I spare your clients the doubts. Plus you get inside my exclusive rock star creators tribe.

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