Your thinking could move the world. If only the world knew...

I turn your ideas into messaging and copy that converts.
So you can focus on moving the world.

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How your idea moves the world

Thoughts become words. Words become products. Products give results.

Results are how the world says: “I’ve moved.”

Roxana is Alien. She enters you, interprets what’s inside and brings out what you need.

When I started working with her, I was at ground zero. I built a whole new direction. We moved an elephant together.

Dan Mocanu

Innovation Architect, TEDx Speaker

Taglines are such a struggle for me!

But Roxana came up with my tagline “Copywriting. Extra Bold.’ for my business in only a few minutes.

Whew! Thanks for taking that difficult job off my hands.

Tarzan Kay


Does your copy genuinely reflect you, your business and your thinking?

You need your clients to read that.

Your thoughts, but leaner.

A website that’s clean and legit and converts.

Emails and posts that read like conversation over coffee and bring in sales.

Pitching that tells a story. And scores.

If you want that, you’re home.

I write copy for thought leaders and innovators, out to make the world better.
For people like you.

Roxana has the ability to cut through stuff and see what’s needed, has amazing skill with language and a very, very good gut!

Super capable, super responsible and fun to work with.


Zelah Senior

Life Coach

Roxana has been very proactive and also diligent in gaining a good understanding of my business so that the materials communicate much better what my business is about and how it can help potential clients.

Andrew Buglass

Founder, Buglass Energy Advisory

Roxana is the real deal.

I hired her three times. She overdelivered each time.

Valentin Radu

Founder, Omniconvert

“Oh, great copy!”

The crispness of it. The punch.

You know it when you see it.

It’s to the point. Enough.

Simple, which you know is harder than it looks.

It sounds like you, but in fewer words.

Get inside my brain.
You might actually like it.

Rule #1: Assume nothing

Rule #1: Assume nothing

Given the luxury, I will sit around and wait for it. Something will get my attention, like my eyebrows, which I will diligently proceed to pluck, or, God forbid, some Youtube title from the usual suspects (John Oliver, Wisecrack, Peaceful Cuisine or the Nerdwriter....

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It needs to answer one almighty question.

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