What my writing is like

I don’t do girly and I don’t do sweet, but I do emotion, funny and snappy.

And above all, I do crisp and clean.

The About page and other animals

They started calling me Foxy in high school. All of the sudden I was supposed to be not just ginger, but also sly, a vixen and the assorted cliches. Which I am not, by the way. I wasn't even going to mention it, but I had to take it out of the way, just in case you...

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When I don’t write, I love to read or listen to some of these amazing creators:

On being with Krista Tippett

(Maybe because I also look a bit like Krista. I wish I was her twin.) Her podcast is my weekly soul spa.

Here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin

A smart hangout with brainy creatives. (Plus he’s how I discovered Krista.)

The Tim Ferriss Show

A podcast on excellence and the habits that take you there. And the unsung revolutionary behind my new morning routine.

The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads

Because culture and new thinking make a fine cup of tea while stuck in traffic. For long form journalism lovers.


Philosopher geeks with a taste for the classics: movies, books and superheros. I like. And give on Patreon.


Crisp videos on filmmaking and culture. Am a Patron. Je like again.

The School of Life

The Alpha and Omega.  A cool way to get up to date with Aristoteles without reading 47 volumes.

Caroline Hirons

Because I go gaga over creams, and blush and lipstick.

The 5 minute meditation. Or tea companion.

About once a week I have a small chunk of goodness for you.

A story. A review. Or thoughts to munch on.

Interested? Put the kettle on!

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