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Did you have an eager beaver, glasses and all, in your class? The one that got picked last in volleyball? That was me. Fast forward 15 years, I have a black belt in aikido and I teach it. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work long enough. Such as your perfect website. Not that it will take me 15 years. More like a week.



Do you know how long Karl Lagerfeld ran Chanel? Almost as long as I’ve been alive. He was so solid in his skills and knowledge, the next collection can come out in a dream. That’s true, by the way, that’s how he got it. He was a master at his thing! I go for mastery in my work and will give you the Chanel of copy at Ted Baker rates.


“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies.”

Did you just smell sharpened pencils? Becoming words have that effect. Nora Ephron wrote those. I’ll write you new ones. And yes, I do have her picture in my bedroom, to say hi to on the way to brush my teeth.


For 15+ years, I’ve been wording out the DNA of my clients’ products, services or personas, making them shine and get sales. After doing it as a 9-to-when-we’re-done for a film studio, a media conglomerate and UNICEF, I decided to fly solo. (I still write for UNICEF and love every second of it.)


Still think about your first job? I started out as PA to a lovely New York lady, at the time Promo Director of Romania’s leading TV station. “I’ll turn you into a good producer whether you want it or not,” said Marsha Greenberg. She also taught me to read The New York Times Magazine and the New Yorker. I am forever grateful.


Copy sensei Laura Belgray says I’m good, so I must be :). (Yes, I’m also a B-school and 90 day year grad, working my way through CopyHackers. I finish what I go for. The only program I never finished was NYU’s Magazine Writing. In my defense, l had just been hired to do my dream job and never went.)


I’m Roxana Gramada. I would love to do your copy.

Bottomline? You will rock.

I will see who you are and pin you down in few words.

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