I have a friend on the other side of the planet. She posts stuff on her wall from time to time and I diligently read (almost) everything. She’s a fine curator, this one. Picks out good stuff, puts it out there crisply, without too much of a fuss. Today she posted some smart blog of some smart, charming guy. I liked it, of course. Beyond that, it made me miss my own blog. The one I was too unsettled to come back to for weeks. Not that I have not thought about it everyday, come neurosis, insomnia and whatnot. And not that nothing to ever write about happened.

In fact, plenty did. Mostly, I have been this battlefield where incomplete things from the past sprang demanding to come full circle. Which is rather fortunate, really. Living lightly is the norm as of late and I will not bother to carry on any baggage. Not even for my upcoming surf trip. (Yes, I will be on the board again soon enough.) How good is that! Off to work now, retying loose ends.


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