Newsflash: I don’t have a script in my hand. I keep on making mistakes. And, by the way, there are times when my inner saboteurs are having a field day. It’s not a pretty sight. It may be easy to talk about it when I am zen, but how about those when I hardly fit the description? Who’s going to guide me then? And how do I recover?

Here’s when a personal legend comes handy. Personal legend as is ultimate self image. It tends to be a story we keep telling ourselves to get by, maybe fuelled by those we were born into, those that our parents keep telling us as if their sole purpose in life was to make sure that they (the stories) would not get lost. Like some prophecy crafted just for you, made of misfitted bits and pieces of reality. After watching all the right movies, I know what a prophecy is: a story you believe and thus bring into existence. So I know I am the one to write the personal legend. There are times when I am living it, and times when I am editing it. Right now, I am dancing it.

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