Back again. Lighter.

I have a friend on the other side of the planet. She posts stuff on her wall from time to time and I diligently read (almost) everything. She’s a fine curator, this one. Picks out good stuff, puts it out there crisply, without too much of a fuss. Today she...

Sexy dancer with red nails

Newsflash: I don’t have a script in my hand. I keep on making mistakes. And, by the way, there are times when my inner saboteurs are having a field day. It’s not a pretty sight. It may be easy to talk about it when I am zen, but how about those when I...

Ivory tower

Winter coming smells like burned leaves and cold air. And on misty nights like this one, it feels good to live above the city, way over the street lamps. It’s a good place to call home. The thing about home is that it’s supposed to make me feel safe, give...

How to

It goes without saying, these last weeks I have been more out there, puckishly fire walking than writing about it. As things change with the documentary and the freelancing, I need to keep still. No wonder I find myself automatically assuming the eagle pose and...

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