Fridge talk

In a stroke of genius, I posted on the fridge door many of the (birthday) cards I got in the past years. Some are really old, and remind me of a time when my friends were overseas, Skype had not been invented and international calls were too much for my budget....

A little adjusting

There will always be something that needs just a touch of fixing. My perfect Celine glasses now run just a tinge large. My left ear is (only temporarily hopefully) slightly hard of hearing after a great hike in the windy mountains. And I am momentarily juggling...

The cat’s pyjamas

The only thing to be done on a rainy day like this was to be sick in bed with a cold, downing one lemon and honey cup of tea after the next. Although, it must be said, the word outside was crazy for action. A second royal baby was on the way, Renee Zelllweger was...

The writing on the wall

The more I stare at the wallpaper in my bedroom, the more I love it. I knew I wanted it as soon as I laid eyes on it, but I went on and browsed another three thousand patterns or so, just to make sure. It’s mustardy yellow and has this lovely delicate flower...

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