Whatever it is that I do, there will be a time, usually shortly afterwards, when I start stressing about what I just did. Sure, there are lucky planets in a straight line moments when all is cool and complete. Buying my bedroom lamp was one, why I really can’t tell right now. Take those aside and it’s all about why it was not good enough, why I should have chosen differently and why I must have sounded silly. Or tough. Whichever it was, it is immaterial. It’s the same drill, and I lose.

I take one step ahead and it feels like I champion in displeasing the most number of people in one shot. I miss the main point. I showcase the not to dos. If you are a member of this club, raise your hand. We’re going to let you stay. There may be free hugs next week, just not today. Today we just breathe in and out. And crack cheesy lines like “It’s ok,” “All will be well,” and “Here’s some fine dark chocolate.” 

You want to have them at hello. Good.

First, you need to know who you are to them.

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