I have a painting with six goats munching on an argan tree. I picked it up from the souk on one of my last days in Morocco. I brought it back home and it’s been laying around, sort of in the way. Until yesterday. Yesterday I gave it a place to live, on a wall I tend to see when I raise my eyes from the laptop, looking into the void for an idea. The painting made me laugh when I first saw it, it looked like the perfect insolent, puckish joke. And it still does. I grin in mischief every time I see it. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

Which is the perfect memento not to take myself too seriously, really. And to avoid clutter. I was reading a really nice blog the other day – Be more with less – and it struck me when I read that whatever art you have not on the wall that you keep dusting and moving around ends up owning you instead of you owning it. And I definitely do not wish to be owned by six gloriously cheeky goats. Replace art with anything else and you get the picture of stuff taking over your / my life.

That basically is the reason I have been editing my apartment over and over again, looking to discard what is not beautiful and / or useful. Or too much of. I will soon host a garage sale. Lots of really nice things, some brand new, whose presence is no longer required to tell my story, are looking for new owners. Not the goats. The goats stay.

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